VDF Vogtland Federntechnik GmbH


We at VDF VOGTLAND Federntechnik see ourselves as manufacturer and service provider in the field of spring technology.  With technically sophisticated products and with all the advantages of a medium-sized family-owned company, we are confident of meeting the demands of the automotive industry, from order processing at the start through development and production to delivery to our customers.  Our PPC system is up-to-date and helps us to achieve an optimal work flow.  Our technical distribution department considers a friendly, fast and flexible service to be its highest priority. 

In order to serve the customer as a competent contact for all his needs, we provide full service for all kinds of technical springs.  Our technical know-how, combined with strategic partnership connections of many years, offers our customers all the advantages of pooled purchasing from a single source.  Consequently, our quality management system for years has been following the norm DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, and is at present also certified in accordance with the international standard of the automotive industry ISO/TS 16949:2002.

We see ourselves as a service provider in that we offer our customers end-to-end solutions – from the mounting of assemblies, including procurement of parts, to innovative packaging solutions and logistical concepts.  We are aiming at a leading position for our company with regard to market position, quality and service.

These are our particular strengths:

• application-oriented technical advice
• the latest production and testing facilities
• project-related mounting incl. procurement of parts
• comprehensive supplier through wide range of products
• certified quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and ISO TS 16949:2002

Application-oriented technical advice

We combine our strengths in technically and qualitatively demanding market segments.  Solving technically difficult tasks and meeting special customer requirements are priorities of VDF VOGTLAND Federntechnik.  Flat hierarchy and clear corporate structure, combined with process-oriented organisational structure, guarantee close contact with the customer.  When developing individual products, we cooperate closely with our customers’ specialists.  We listen carefully, analyse the problem, and work to find the optimal solution.  All our technical equipment is aligned with the highest technical standard in the field of spring manufacture and is constantly modernised.  With a look to the future, the focus of our work will be on consistent corporate development, as well as growth and consolidation of our market position. 

The latest production and testing facilities

In order to meet the high requirements of our customers, we use for our production the most up-to-date manufacturing installations.  The combination of flexible CNC coiling and bending machines with integrated dimensional metrology devices enables us to adhere to extremely close tolerances.  In order to manufacture large lot sizes economically, we use both interlinked systems and separate aggregates.

Our use of high-grade test equipment for our series production and the creation of development prototypes guarantee the high-quality standard of our products. Apart from the usual test equipment we offer in addition:

• optical inspection and measurement of springs
• assessment of the spatial force-axes of compression springs
• stress distribution test
• load stage test
• envelope circle test
• dynamic durability test
• relaxation test
• automatic length measurement
• CAQ system

Comprehensive supplier through wide range of products

The images of products on this website give a general survey of the kinds of springs we offer.  In accordance with their applications, a great variety of spring forms are possible.  By processing many different qualities of materials, from patented spring steel wires and high-strength chrome silicon alloy spring wires to acid-, corrosion- and heat-resistant spring materials, we can meet the most varied requirements.  Numerous surface treatment methods are at our disposal, coatings with epoxy, polyester, KTL, Dacromet and Delta, as well as galvanic treatments.

Project-related mounting

When components are mounted in the spring manufacturer’s plant, cost benefits can be achieved in many cases.  Make use of our experience with the installation of, for instance, screw-in elements, ropes, chains, spring connections and plastic collars.  What is more, we can, if you so require, take on the logistics of the complete assembly.