VDF SPRINGS is "green"!

In industry, the transition to environmentally friendly production is in full swing. Recent polls show the environmental protection in the manufacturing branch is a high priority. In addition to the basic protection of the environment, rapidly rising energy and commodity prices and a growing awareness of sustainable treatments are the reasons of environmental and resource-saving production methods.

The aim of the environmental policy in VOGTLAND and Renzing is on the one hand, saving electricity, water, gas or other resources to use. Additional actions will reduce costs and thus help to generate competitive advantages. Responsible for the implementation of the project with the stated aim to meet highest standards are Klaus Halverscheidt (Renzing CEO), production manager Martin Leber (VDF Vogtland spring technology) and Michael Tillman (Renzing spring technology). The team was assisted by the business consultants of Jochheim and Partner who have accompanied the group for a long time on the subject of quality to the environment.

Now, the TÜG-NRW as an accredited auditor has confirmed the environmental certificate ISO14001 to the company. Fortunately there were no differences at the sites. Although the environmental impact in terms of the manufacturing process is classified rather low, the customers' demands for environmentally friendly and certified suppliers have increased significantly in recent years. "We will be happy to fulfill this demand and it is an ambition to us as a concern of course, to manufacture our suspension parts environmentally friendly and sustainably" said Klaus Halverscheidt who has closely monitored the management of this project. "Now it is important that employees are trained and above all, that all supervisors are taking a role model here" adds Manager and CEO Vogtland for the VDF group.

The VDF SPRINGS Group is a group of powerful producers and service contractors with core competence of the suspension components and suspension technology. Together, the individual companies form a complete provider of all types of technical springs from wire and strip steel and related components and assemblies to serve the customer as a competent partner for individual needs. For the high-quality aftermarket car suspension solutions such as coilovers, lowering springs, sport suspension and electronic lowering modules are developed and manufactured. Well-known companies from the automotive supplier industry, plant engineering and for other investment goods they rely to the development and production capabilities of this spring group. Contact VDF-springs on www.vdf-federn.de.

The spring specialist again is at the Hannover Fair from 23 to 27 with its own stand.