Compression Springs

Coil compression springs in many different versions represent a large product segment in our company. Our manufacturing capabilities start with precision springs of 0.2 mm wire diameter and extend to products of up to 18 mm diameter.

In order to set up optimal production processes for the different ranges of dimension and application, our manufacture of compression springs is subdivided into three areas.

In coiling centre 1 the manufacture of compression springs with  wire diameters from 0.2 mm to about 3 mm takes place.  To ensure an optimum of cost-effective production and excellent product quality, a large number of mechanical and computer-controlled coiling machines are available.  To meet the high requirements of our customers, the machines are equipped with facilities for a 100% check of the spring length.  Further quality checks are carried out within the department and are recorded as customer-related documentation in the CAQ system.  By using mobile conveyor ovens and integrating them for further processing into this area, handling of the materials is reduced to a minimum.

Up-to-date feeding systems allow an economical manufacture of series comprising several millions of springs per year.

The manufacture of compression springs with wire diameters from 3 mm to 8 mm takes place in coiling centre 2.  Compression springs for wide-ranging applications are produced here on computer-aided machines only.  The manufacturing processes include highly-flexible coiling machines, for production ranging from small manufacturing lot sizes to interlinked production lines.  The automated installation carries out all processes, from coiling, grinding, shot-peening, untensioning and plasticising the springs to conveying them to the customer containers ready for shipment.  Using the most up-to-date individual machines, this rational operational concept makes it possible to manufacture precision springs with a high level of mechanical stress at competitive conditions.

The sophisticated applications of our customers are reflected in the quality standards of our products.  Through the use of camera-guided production monitoring and fully automated testing devices our products meet the highest requirements.  With our numerous manufacturing installations we can satisfy the needs of our customers in this area from small to large manufacturing lot sizes at the highest quality level.