Behind the story


June 3 rd - 40 year old locksmith Bernhard Vogtland starts the company in a garage in Hohenlimburg Germany. He begins by manufacturing springs for the toys as well as equestrian applications such as driveline harnesses.


15 years later through the addition of partners the company becomes “United Wire- and Springs Factory Vogtland & Riepelmeier”. They open a new building “Im Weinhof”. The engineering and machinery industrie became an important customer group.


11 years after the first significant expansion, the company changes its location once again to the Elsey district. The sole owner Paul Vogtland senior boosts the export quota up to 35%. At this time, most of the business consists of supporting the agricultural equipment and mining industry.


The company’s 50th anniversary is marked with the addition of a new and modern administration building and the expansion of the spring production plants. With a current staff of 130 personnel, Vogtland hits the capacity of one million springs per day. Springs with special alloy and chromevanadium wire begin early development.


23 year old Paul Vogtland Jr. joins the company and assumes the role of company general management in 1966. Paul Vogtland Jr. expands the factory and moves to its first new location in 33 years. Construction begins in Alemannenweg which becomes the company’s headquarters. The new building is completed and the company moves to its new location on Vogtland’s 60th anniversary.


The manufacturing plant is expanded along with the warehouse, and a second manufacturing plant goes into construction in Gotenweg.


December - The company name is officially changed to VDF VOGTLAND GmbH, removing the name Riepelmeier 55 years after his retirement. February 1 st - At 21 years old, Christoph Vogtland joins the company and founds the brand VOGTLAND for the production of aftermarket suspension components. At this time an additional high rack warehouse is built in Alemanneweg.


October 1, 1992 - Paul-Bernd Vogtland joins the company and becomes general manager at 27 years old. On May 6th Christoph Vogtland, the esteemed suspension division manager, passes away. A short time later on June 13th Paul Vogtland jr. also passes.


With the foundation of the subsidiary company Vogtland Agropruziny spol. S.r.o. the complete production of tine springs for the agriculture aftermarket to Czechia. November of 1994 marks the takeover of the Engelbrecht & Roos small spring factory in Wuppertal. Martin Vogtland joins the company at 25 years old on January 1 st, 1995; he becomes general manager two years later.


The nintieth anniversary of the company the spring factory Paul Schmiedeknecht Federn GmbH & Co. KG in Hagen is captured and continues at its previous location. The expansion of the production facility at the second plant is completed in October.


VOGTLAND North America, Inc. is founded as Vogtland opens a sales and distribution office to serve the North American markets managed by Richard Jonec. Vogtland enters the racing market and becomes a key supplier to the top NASCAR teams.


VOGTLAND acquires the spring factory RENZING GmbH with 50 employees. The group of companies continues its growth with four modern locations.


100 years of tradition, innovation, passion and driving exitment all made in Germany. The spring technology group is now positioned under the new logo VDF Federn. Presently the current production range includes compression springs, axel springs, tension springs, leg springs, formed and stamped parts assemblies and components. The suspension product lines encompass lowering springs, adjustable suspension kits and racing springs.


In 2009 we decided to open a new manufacturing plant in Baden Württemberg to increase our variety of products and our market presence. The Hockenheim plant is specialized on torsion springs, bending parts and snap rings. Furthermore customers of the region are supplied directly from there.


VOGTLAND North America established in 2001 is located in Temecula California, supports the North American market. Our North American operation has established VOGTLAND as a leading supplier to the NASCAR racing circuit with our leading edge “VVS” spring technology. Additionally we support small OE programs as well as Tuners.

At VOGTLAND, we have focused on providing premium quality aftermarket high performance suspension, OE automotive and industrial springs.